Steps to take for family members

If you ever had someone in your close family circle who was addicted or suffered from substance abuse, then you know what kind of fight that is. There is not that much one can do on their own, if left alone by family and friends. Unfortunately, many family members think that it is the fight of the person who made the mistake in the first place and that there is actually nothing they can do. That makes the process faster for sure, but only for some people, other either go back to addiction, commit suicide or make it through, but have mental scars that never heal.

What can you do?

In case there is someone in your family who is addicted and you know they are looking for help, you should talk to other members of your family. Try to convince them that together you can make it a lot easier for him or her and that support is all they need. However, only when the person is ready to take the next step and actually become clear, they will accept your help. The first step is organizing some fun activities, traveling together and spending time as a group. It is great way to check up on the person and actually make sure they are clear and don't take the substances any longer.

Finding a good clinic for them, where they can go through rehab is something the family should do in any case, even if the person doesn't want that. Chemicals like Crystal Methamphetamine, Mephedrone and GBL won't go out of the system easily and can cause damage for months. Never turn your back if they ask the help themselves, even if you cannot give them what they need, you can talk to them and figure out a way to solve the problems. Finding a job is the hardest thing for addicted people once they get clear, so help in that direction might be the best you can give to them.